Email domain impersonation is a bigger threat than spam

When you think of email-related cyber threats, the first item on the list is normally spam protection, not true?

This being said, most major email providers provide spam protection by default. (Think Office 365 Exchange Online Protection, SYNAQ Securemail, or Symantec Mail Security.)

However, when it comes to email attacks that have the biggest impact to your business, email domain impersonation has far more severe potential consequences:

  • Financially: Customers can pay invoices to phishers that were meant for you
  • Reputationally: A customer who receives malware via an email from your domain is likely to remember this in future, which can damage your future relationship with them.

This, in essence is why you need email protection beyond spam protection, such as a DMARC compliance solution.

Each time a server receives a mail from your domain, a tool like Sendmarc will check the DMARC policy of the sender of the email. This is true regardless of where in the world that mail came from, and whether the sending infrastructure is yours or that of a hacker. With this check-in place, any mail that doesn’t come from a legitimate source will be rejected.

Are you thinking beyond spam protection?