Partnership announcement: Intelys / Arctic Wolf

We have cemented our relationship with Arctic Wolf and added them as a vendor partner to augment and compliment our already robust cyber security solution offering.

Arctic Wolf has a novel approach to cyber security with their Security Operations Cloud and Concierge Security model.

The Arctic Wolf platform

Spanning thousands of installations, the Arctic Wolf® Platform processes over 2 trillion security events weekly. Built on an open XDR architecture, the platform collects and enriches endpoint, network, and cloud telemetry, and then analyzes it with multiple detection engines. Machine learning and custom detection rules then deliver personalized protection for your organization.

While other products have limited visibility, the vendor-neutral Arctic Wolf® Platform enables broad visibility and works seamlessly with existing technology stacks, making it easy to adopt while eliminating blind spots and vendor lock-in.

Concierge Delivery Model

Arctic Wolf invented the concept of Concierge Security®. With this delivery model, we pair a team of our security operations experts directly with your IT or security staff. Your Concierge Security® Team gives you 24×7 eyes-on-glass coverage. We work with your team on an ongoing basis to learn your security needs so that they can tune solutions for maximum effectiveness and ensure that your security posture gets stronger over time.
The Concierge Security® Team combines deep security operations expertise with an understanding of your environment to deliver better outcomes. We take on tactical actions like threat hunting and alert prioritization, and strategic tasks like security posture reviews and risk management.

Dax Andrews, our General Manager of Sales, had this to say:

As a specialist networking and network security business our evolution has been witness to the convergence of the network and security landscape. With that, so too has our business progressed into a niche network security partner.

Selecting a relevant vendor to align with our own strategy, vision and existing partner investments is an important part of our success along with the continued improvements in the customer environments we work in. Augmenting the layers of security services and solutions we offer helps us further entrench the skill we value so much.

When it came to Arctic Wolf, the cultural and strategic alignment was a great fit, and accelerated the conversations we were already having with our customers. With Arctic Wolf being a well-established and proven player in the global market it makes complete sense for us to announce the partnership in the local market.

Arctic Wolf’s Jason Oehley adds:

With Arctic Wolf driving accelerated expansion within South Africa we are in the process of building out an effective eco-system to support our customers. Intelys were an immediate fit for Arctic Wolf by focusing on the customer value and driving a consultancy approach with their customers.

Arctic Wolf and Intelys can ensure customers receive a full 24×7 security operations service offering while receiving a personalized experience. We welcome Intelys to the “pack” and are looking forward to growing together.

We look forward to making the unique solution offerings of Arctic Wolf available to our customers, and believe that they will add incredible value.