Routing and Switching

As your network evolves to keep pace with your business needs, the efficiency of routing and switching infrastructure becomes more important. Intelys work with our clients to understand their business objectives and their current infrastructure and technology framework. We assist in addressing your end-to-end network needs with an informed, consultative approach. The result is a well designed, robust networking infrastructure with a good handle on the future evolution of your business.


Wireless networks have become a business critical component of network infrastructure, improving efficiency by allowing for quick deployment of a robust, secure network within a short time frame. Employees can now have instant access to company data and applications anywhere on your business campus evolving the way teams collaborate and are able to share information. With the ever-improving suite of secure solutions, employees and guests can be confidently authenticated and engage with a positive user experience.

Typically, deploying large wireless networks presents challenges unique to your environment. Our team of experienced solution architects and engineers have a depth of experience in designing secure data and voice networks using top-segment wireless products and tools for simple, effective management.

Converged Comms (Voice)

Converged Communication solutions are used to integrate the numerous tools that are currently in play within your business, like email, desk and mobile phones, video and web conferences etc.  The concept is a singular system to enable the seamless flow of communication across multiple devices, software apps, solutions and various modes of communication. Businesses of all sizes are driving towards more collaborative solutions in order to improve staff efficiency, effectiveness and workforce mobility. This delivers better response times, improved customer service and ultimately the difference between a business and their competitor.  Intelys have steadfast experience in VoIP, hosted PBX, SIP Trunks and Cisco Voice.

These solutions when designed and implemented with careful attention to business objectives allow the flexibility to collaborate across functional boundaries and global locations. Intelys hold a wealth of experience in networking, network security as well as data and voice structure which makes it possible to deliver unified solutions that are fully integrated in the environment. This results in a simple end user experience while providing the IT management team with the tools to maintain and manage efficiently.