Network Aggregation

Secure Network Aggregation Point – SNAP makes network transition easy. Get complete flexibility and scalability across multiple network providers and seamless managed connectivity across varying technologies via a secure network aggregation point (SNAP).

With the explosive growth in real-time applications, distributed workforces and cloud computing a company’s productivity has never been more dependent on their network infrastructure. This is why organisations are turning their focus to their wide area networks (WANs) and cloud-access networks, knowing that success lies in:

  1. Having enough bandwidth to support the increased demand
  2. Predictable reliability to ensure continuous application availability.

At Intelys we help customers build better WANs, dramatically lowering costs, boosting business performance, accelerating time to value and ultimately achieving the deliverables that a business and its users demand in a digital world. While the benefits of SD-WAN are well known, the transition from MPLS to a software defined cloud-ready network is often unclear. Whilst our approach and architecture begins with a robust, secure SD-WAN foundation, it also considers the current network environment and security elements and offers a transition approach with a virtual WAN overlay that doesn’t require a rip and replace or forklift approach on your existing WAN.

This is one of the key advantages of working with the Intelys team. We are completely vendor and service provider agnostic and are comfortable managing the virtual overlay over a mix and match of carriers across multiple geographies. In other words, you can start immediately and migrate at your own pace, without disruption and minimal risk to business. Through our experience gained in transitioning clients Wide Area Networks (WAN’s) to secure cloud-ready networks we understand many of the challenges you are faced with. Through these learnings we have developed a hosted environment called SNAP – Secure Network Aggregation Point to make network transition easy! We allow complete flexibility and scalability to our clients across multiple network providers, allowing seamless managed connectivity across varying technologies via a secure network aggregation point (SNAP). Being part of SNAP not only allows clients access to the Intelys SDWAN gateways and entire managed services stack but also affords clients secure managed access to NAP Africa, the Teraco exchange as well as any other partners or suppliers offering services in this proximity which is facilitated via out Partner Interconnect model.

Business Benefits

  • Minimizes complexity
  • Mitigates Risk
  • Provides scalability
  • Reduces cost
  • Maximizes Business agility
  • Enhances the end-user experience
  • Enforces comprehensive security
  • Easily deployable
  • 24 x 7 access to Expert Engineers
  • Portal access for visibility and control

Technical Benefits

  • Secure WAN aggregation in the Datacentre over the Internet
  • SDWAN enabled WAN aggregation in the Datacentre over any last mile to your branch and upstream
  • Secure managed Access to NAP Africa and the Teraco exchange
  • Managed Interconnects with Tenants, ISP’s, MPLS providers and Cloud providers (AWS/Azure/GCP)
  • True Vendor Neutrality
  • True Service Provider Flexibility
  • Access to Intelys Managed Services stack
  • True Freedom of choice of Service provider which allows continual benchmarking across all services cost, service delivery and technology

Partner Interconnect Services

We integrate your business partners into your organisation by implementing encrypted connections for secure, reliable and integrity protected communication. The service monitors the usage, availability and performance of the business-critical partner connections. Each connection is an interconnect presented via our hosted firewall environment with an encrypted IPsec tunnel (optional) from your organization to your business partner. The Partner Connect Service provides intelligent monitoring and support as well as incident escalation to some business partners.


An optimal connectivity solution must strike the balance between your business productivity needs, cost efficiency and ease of scalability. Intelys work with you to solve your primary and secondary (fail over) connectivity needs. This consolidates the management of your network service.

  • Fibre
  • LTE backup
  • Microwave (last mile wireless)

Next Generation Hosted Firewall

Robust firewall management requires specialised skills and constant vigilance. Firewalls are unfortunately not a plug and leave technology. The purchase and custom configuration of a firewall that is adequate for your environment is merely the beginning of the journey. As firewalls are fundamental to protecting your network traffic (particularly the flow of sensitive data) the operation, admin, monitoring and maintenance of the infrastructure are imperative to ongoing relevance in closing the data security gap and preventing data breaches.

Intelys are positioned with the specialised skills to support your business with a managed next generation firewall, where we work with you on a best-practice solution to establish, maintain and modify firewall rules, monitor the network, provide feedback, reports and analysis. This service applies if you want to round out the skills in your internal team or completely outsource this aspect of your managed security.