Managed Services

The IT environment is a complex one, requiring diverse skill sets across many technology disciplines. In many businesses, it makes sense to partner with a provider who can provide a depth of experience and skills to support your internal team. Intelys work with you to determine the needs in your networking and network security environment and are then able to match these needs with an appropriate Managed Service offering. The level of support and intensity of service required all depend on your business objectives.  Intelys Managed Services empower your team by providing the information, IT resources and technology management you need.

We have a range of varied solutions that span the gambit from Managed Services as a support service to your inhouse team; to Onsite Support to enhance the productivity and skills of your IT team; or a Fully Managed Service where all network and network security business critical technologies are proactively managed from our iTAC centre and supported by field and specialist engineers.

Intelys Managed Services

  • Hosted Next Gen Enterprise Firewall
  • Secure Cloud Web Proxy
  • DNS based Security
  • Web Application Firewall
  • DDoS protection
  • Email Security gateway
  • Network Access Control (NAC)
  • Wireless Controller
  • Cloud based VOIP
  • Monitoring as a Service
  • Colocation in Teraco starting from 1U
  • SDWAN as a Service

Our expertise and ability to adapt to your changing environment sees us still serving our original customer 11 years since partnering together.

Managed Security

Monitored & Managed Protection of Your Expanding Network  24×7

Managed Firewall

Clients are provided with a service whereby firewalls are monitored “24/7” (twenty four hours a day, seven days a week). Our highly experienced certified security specialists will maintain security policies, backups and perform software and patch upgrades.

Managed IPS/IDS

Our security specialists conduct ongoing forensic and trend analysis,and configure the IDS/IPS to control and monitor the health and performance of network security appliances.

We will be alerted when a host violates a configuration policy or attempts to access an unauthorized system. Malware can be detected and blocked utilizing cloud-analytics and Collective Security Intelligence.

Intelys offer a managed logging service to help lower risk, improve security posture and reduce operational complexity.

Managed Logging

Log data is the definitive record of what’s happening in an organisation and is an underutilized important source of truth for troubleshooting issues and supporting broader business objectives. Application logs and other machine data that’s highly variable, and in some cases unstructured, contains important data that traditional log management solutions don’t support or simply miss.

Monitoring as a Service – Intelys InVision

Intelys InVision is a secure cloud-based monitoring solution that allows for monitoring of your entire IT infrastructure in a single, intuitive platform – accessed from anywhere, on any device.

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SD-WAN as a Service

Intelys are SD-WAN experts. Our hybrid SD-WAN solution, delivered as a service over our Global Carrier Network provides optimized access to cloud data centres, branch networks and mobile users.

Our solution is designed to support application growth, network agility and simplified branch implementations while delivering optimized access to cloud datacenters and applications.

SD-WAN enables organizations to augment MPLS with affordable last mile services (Fiber, Broadband, 4G/LTE) and dynamically direct traffic based on applications needs and link quality. Intelys further extends the benefits of SD-WAN to cloud resources and mobile users and provides a full cloud-based network security stack to secure all WAN and Internet traffic.

Every mobile user connects to our cloud, which provides secure and optimized access to enterprise resources in physical and cloud datacenters, cloud applications and internet sites. Intelys uses its Global Telecommunications Backbone & ICIN to optimize routing and reduce latency to key applications like Office 365  and enforce application-aware security policies on all access.

  • Opex based Managed SD-WAN as a Service
  • WAN Encryption and Routing
  • Application performance management
  • Distributed Firewall with local branch breakout
  • Monitoring & Reporting
  • Hardware Management
  • Carrier Management across multiple service providers