Trust Your Email

Stop cyber-criminals from sending email using your domain. Protect your team, customers and suppliers from attacks.

Analyse Your Domain

Use our analysis tool to check if your domain is vulnerable to email phishing and impersonation attacks. We will give your domain a grade and a summary of where your potential vulnerabilities lie.

How does Sendmarc work?

With Sendmarc’s DMARC compliance software, you can protect your domain from email phishing and impersonation attacks, which protects your team, customers and suppliers.

There are many benefits to using Sendmarc

  • Visibility: Of all servers, both legitimate and illegitimate, that are sending email from your domain. 
  • Security: Ensuring attackers can’t send email impersonation/spoofing attacks on your domain. 
  • Compliance: Ensuring your team can only send their mail via group approved email servers. This ensures correct record management of all email communication. 
  • Delivery: Improving your email delivery, making sure it arrives in the inbox and not the spam bucket.