The secure cloud-based monitoring solution that allows for monitoring of your entire IT infrastructure in a single, intuitive platform – accessed from anywhere, on any device.

  • Enable IT OPS with insight across the entire IT stack with broad monitoring coverage
  • Detect outages faster and reduce MTTR
  • Prevent outages before they happen with insights and forecasting
Invision By Intelys

Visibility for Hybrid IT

The platform supports more than 2000+ pre-configured integration modules for all well know vendors ensuring that your LAN, WAN, servers, websites and circuits are available and performing optimally.

Simple, Secure

Our agentless technology adds next to no weight to your IT infrastructure and holds up to rigorous third-party security standards, so you can scale with confidence. Onboarding is quick and clients only need to deploy a simple lightweight collector application on a Linux or Windows server inside their environment.

Self Managed or Outsourced, Your Choice

You can opt either to self-manage your network via the portal or for monitoring service by the Intelys ITAC team.

Insights, Not Just Stats

By adding context to your data, the platform enables you to instantly
determine the health of your network, respond to outages faster, facilitates capacity planning and reduces operational overhead. The solution supports highly customizable dashboards so that you can focus on specific areas that are important to your business.

Customised Automation

InVision does all the hard work for you with automated alert thresholds,
customisable escalation chains, automated config backups, workflow integrations and more.

Technical Information

  • Infrastructure scope: Routers, Switches, Firewalls, Wi-Fi Controllers, Servers, Cloud infrastructure, Websites and SaaS solutions*
  • Monitoring of Availability and Performance metrics with intelligent alerting
  • Automated Config Backups with revision history (major vendor support*)
  • Netflow/IP-FIX data engine to identify top talkers & flows across supported infrastructure
  • ISP Circuit monitoring
  • Dynamic Service monitoring allowing datapoint to be grouped into a service
  • Customisable Dashboards and Widgets
  • Scheduled Reporting to monitoring SLA’s
  • Quick and simple onboarding process