Your 6 Cyber Security Pains

Should you choose Intelys & Arctic Wolf Security Operations to alleviate, remediate and remove your security pains?

Cybersecurity has an effectiveness problem. Organisations spend over $165 billion each year on cybersecurity, while attacks continue to increase in number and evolve in complexity. Last year was another record-breaking one for data breaches, with reports of massive hacks and huge ransomware demands dominating headlines.

If you ask us, the old ways of protecting your data just don’t work.

Arctic Wolf® security operations solutions and Intelys offer organizations a better way.

We strip out complexity in your environments and leverage your existing tools to deliver truly effective and fully managed cybersecurity, helping you advance along your security journey and end cyber risk for your organization.

How do we do it?

By alleviating, remediating and removing what Arctic Wolf call the six pillars of cybersecurity pain.

1. Alert Fatigue

While tools can enhance protection and visibility, they also generate a massive volume of events and alerts. And therein lies the problem. When faced with a deluge of potential attacks, security analysts can quickly become overwhelmed. In fact, many attacks succeed not because a tool failed to raise an alert, but because the alert was missed or ignored by an analyst. This operating environment of all noise and no signal is known as cybersecurity alert fatigue, and it has real costs for the professionals and businesses impacted by it.

Arctic Wolf Managed Detection and Response® works with your existing tech stack to immediately begin monitoring your environment, ensuring proactive and dynamic detection and response to threats, intrusions, and attacks. Organisations receive timely and actionable intelligence from an always-available team of expert security analysts—without the overwhelming noise of endless false positives.

2. Staff Shortages

Finding, training, and retaining cybersecurity talent has long been a challenge for most organisations, but the problem was exacerbated by the “Great Resignation” of 2021, with 80% of organisations unable to fulfill their target headcounts for security staff.

Arctic Wolf’s Concierge Security® delivery model fills in the staffing gaps, acting as a force multiplier to your existing security team. If you don’t have a security team, you gain instant access to security professionals that are otherwise difficult, if not impossible to find. Our Concierge Security experts continuously monitor security events enriched and analysed by the Arctic Wolf® Platform to provide your team with coverage, security operations expertise, and strategically tailored security recommendations that continuously improve your overall posture and ease the workload of already taxed IT professionals.

3. Vulnerabilities and Security Gaps

The task of effectively managing and remediating vulnerabilities is becoming increasingly difficult for already taxed security teams. Often, even fundamental information like what assets exist, which systems have vulnerabilities, and which systems are misconfigured is difficult to obtain. The growing attack surface compounds cyber risks for organisations. The implementation of new digital initiatives, the adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT), and the continued move to the cloud help drive innovation—but at the cost of increased exposure to threats.

Most organisations are unable to accurately account for assets or fully monitor their environment. This leads to gaps in posture that leave the door open to attackers. After all, if you can’t see it, you can’t protect it.

Arctic Wolf Managed Risk® enables you to discover, assess, and harden your environment against digital risks by contextualizing your attack surface coverage across your networks, endpoints, and cloud environments. Arctic Wolf provide around-the-clock monitoring for vulnerabilities, system misconfigurations, and account takeover exposure, helping ensure you are benchmarking against configuration best practices and continually hardening your security posture.

Our Concierge Security Team will work with you to deploy the Arctic Wolf® Platform, install the Arctic Wolf Agent®, integrate critical data points, configure Cloud Security Posture Management, and build an understanding of your network through internal, external, and host-based vulnerability assessments. Arctic Wolf catch risks other vulnerability scanners miss, like software defects, system misconfigurations, and corporate credential exposure, helping you close the gaps in your environment.

4. Compliance and Regulation Challenges

Compliance is an important part of a cybersecurity program. Heavily regulated industries are often a bigger target for cybercriminals because of their highly valuable data (e.g., patient data in healthcare, financial data in banking, identity data in government). The purpose of cybersecurity laws and regulations are to ensure that organizations take the right steps to protect this data. And regardless of what industry you’re in, you need to comply with privacy laws, GDPR, POPIA, and other regulations that apply to all sectors.

While meeting compliance requirements doesn’t guarantee that your organisation is secure, it provides you with a solid foundation for security practices. Not to mention that non-compliance may lead to fines and other penalties.

Arctic Wolf creates a custom security strategy for your organisation’s specific needs. Through our concierge approach, Arctic Wolf help you meet and maintain industry regulatory obligations, all while working around the clock to keep your organisation safe.

5. Human Error

While security technology is constantly improving and becoming more difficult to circumvent, human nature doesn’t change. Cybercriminals know that it’s much easier to trick people than machines — and they use social engineering schemes like phishing to accomplish this. According to Verizon’s 2022 Data Breach Investigation Report, 82% of all breaches involved the human element, meaning that improperly informed and prepared employees are a major threat to organisations.

Arctic Wolf® Managed Security Awareness prepares your employees to recognise and neutralise social engineering attacks and eliminate human error. Through fun, fresh and constantly updated microlearning sessions, Arctic Wolf address the most common cyberthreats by influencing behaviour and fostering a security culture.

6. Tool and Technology Complexity

Many organizations resort to adding more security tools in an attempt to keep pace with cybercriminals and secure ever-expanding attack surfaces. Rather than reducing risk and increasing efficiency, however, the addition of more tools increases complexity and reduces effectiveness. Plus, properly integrating tools is a time-consuming task that can only be accomplished if your tools are interoperable, and there’s often little incentive for vendors to create tools that integrate and communicate with one another.

Arctic Wolf Managed Detection and Response is vendor-agnostic and works with your existing tech stack to immediately begin monitoring your environment, ensuring proactive and dynamic detection and response to threats, intrusions, and attacks. Built on an open XDR architecture, the Arctic Wolf® Platform provides real-time, continuous monitoring, and threat hunting on your network. And Arctic Wolf do all that for a predictable monthly cost far below what you would spend to stand up your own in-house security operations centre.

If you’re ready to start knocking down your own pain pillars and embrace managed security operations solutions, we’re ready to help. 

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